Helping Hands Ministry

This ministry is comprised of members of the body of Christ using their resources and gifts to minister to one another. Our desire is that this would be a place where we can exchange information in order to strengthen and assist one another. Various examples include:

1. Housing and Transportation Needs & Opportunities - i.e. a place available to rent or buy, a car to purchase or sell, in need of a roommate

2. Employment Needs & Opportunities - Provide referrals of full-time, part-time, seasonal employment and one-time "handy-man" employment opportunities. In addition, if you are looking for work, this is where you would list it.

3. Providing Meals For Families - Meals for families who have experienced an illness, surgery or birth of a child, or unexpected occurrences

4. Practical Everyday Items - Need a crib? Have a couch to give away? This is the place where we connect needs, offers and people

5. Ride Ministry - Providing rides to/from church services and events. 

Email Our Helping Hands Ministry Team: CLICK HERE

How it works

How Do I Submit My Need To Helping Hands Ministry?

Send an e-mail to our Helping Hands Ministry Team with the following information:

• Item or Service Offered or Needed

• Your Name

• Contact Phone Number & E-mail Address

• Any additional notes & information

Click here to e-mail our Helping Hands Ministry Team

I'd Like To Help or Respond to A Need, How Can I?

We are glad you asked! First, let's make sure you signed up to receive our e-mails. If you are not sure, It's simple and free!  Send an e-mail to our Helping Hands Team and request to be put on our's that simple!

Once you are on the list, you will receive an email notifying when a need has been identified. If you'd like to assist, please respond to the email. A member of the Helping Hands Team will give you further information and details..again, it's that simple!

Our Ministry Verse:

"All the believers were one in heart and mind...they shared everything they had." Acts 4:32