VSP Ministry

"VSP" Ministry means: Video, Sound, Projection

Our desire is to enhance the worship and teaching during our worship services in order that the body of Christ would be edified and God would be glorified soley. "VSP" Ministry consists of 3 different distinct media resources: 

Video: Playing video media, Video recording of our Sunday & Wednesday services for live internet broadcasting and website archiving. 

Sound: Enhancing worship by ensuring music and vocals are properly mixed, ensuring clarity and maintaining proper audio levels for the word of God can be taught with minimum distractions. 

Projection: Providing video slides containing lyrics during worship to promote and assist the congregation in worshipping. Displaying scripture and notes during the message to assist with teaching. Utilizing visual media to enhance the worship experience.

If you would like more information about our VSP Ministry, please call our church office: (757)220-8400.

Ministry Team Leader:  | Email