Prayer Request?

Calvary Chapel believes that prayer is essential and necessary for our Christian walk.  So, we offer this online Prayer Chain. If you have a prayer request, you can submit it via e-mail. Also, if you are a part of the Prayer Chain, you can also receive emails from other members of our fellowship so you can pray for others as well!

Need Prayer?                  

Church Office (757) 220-8400

• E-Mail: E-mail your request here (Please Indicate "Prayer Request" on Subject Line)

• Face to Face Prayer: 0ur Pastors, Staff, & Team Leaders are available before/after Sunday & Midweek services

• Submit a Prayer Card (Located at the Information table in the Foyer)


In my MA program, I have many large projects coming up. I feel overwhelmed by past PTSD, and am having trouble focusing. Failures and wounds from the past are resurfacing that are paralyzing me. Pray that the Lord will lift all these burdens, and that He will lift and carry the projects for me, and He will handle them. Pray that my weaknesses will be transformed by Christ’s strength, and for success in the projects that belongs to Christ alone. Pray that He will cover every project and assignment with His love, favor, kindness, joy and grace. Pray for the Lord’s goodness and gentleness as I go through my studies. Pray that He will heal my wounds and remove my fear of failure. Also, since I’m 39, pray that the woman God has chosen will come into my life and we will marry. Thanks.


Prayer for Andrew Success in everything that concerns me and abundance of good things and success wisdom


Prayer for Andrew and Nicole Protection from evil people and our enemies harm seen and unseen God to block them and God to punish them for opressing us so much vengeance is God's because he knows the evil there doing to us also spiritual protection


Please pray for Tess. She is staying over night at Sentara for observation.


Michaela Willis. Kimberly Grieve. Toby Uecker. Shawn Helmbolt. Jennifer Novotny. Craig Jucht. Avery Sage. Sheri Will. Paige Cain. David Cook. Viet Nguyen. Michael King. Jenna Reno. Jess Jung. Nadeje Alexandre. Kimberly Wallin. Too,Received Salvation and Water Baptism in Jesus Name.