Prayer Request?

Calvary Chapel believes that prayer is essential and necessary for our Christian walk.  So, we offer this online Prayer Chain. If you have a prayer request, you can submit it via e-mail. Also, if you are a part of the Prayer Chain, you can also receive emails from other members of our fellowship so you can pray for others as well!

Need Prayer?                  

Church Office (757) 220-8400

• E-Mail: E-mail your request here (Please Indicate "Prayer Request" on Subject Line)

• Face to Face Prayer: 0ur Pastors, Staff, & Team Leaders are available before/after Sunday & Midweek services

• Submit a Prayer Card (Located at the Information table in the Foyer)


Please pray for my wife’s healing and recovery. She’s been struggling with severe headaches, pain from a fall and needs God’s grace to keep going. Please please pray for her.


My wife and I need God’s healing touch-she is depressed from injuries and disabilities and is a great blessing to me as I lovingly care for her. I need healing from recent cancer/abdominal surgery. God bless all prayer warriors !


Please pray for me and my family, as our very own home church took a very personal matter into their own hands. Now the church leaders, staff and church family are also against us as well. All believing they know what is best, never being in our situation or been through our situation, and not handled biblically. The church has judged and feels like they have sided on vengeance, no love, compassion, mercy or grace. A big step in the process is happening on Wednesday, we are asking for prayer, that we may have God's mercy, favor, compassion and grace. Also for the church, staff, members that have condemned myself and our family. Praying that we may continue to have the heart of love and forgiveness, that we focus on God only and not the difficult circumstances. Thank you for all your prayers and we are holding onto God's promises.


Prayer Confidential


I was wondering if you could pray for me to be able to move forward with all recent stuff Thaat Has happened In My life And pray for My familiy and friends and community and alsoo for My pastors and their staff Too So also if they could pray for Me To still get along with like 5 Persons that I had falling outs with Suuch As a guy named chris and all his friends and family because chris and also I went to school together but My brother made a rude comment To a friend of Chris's and then because of his comments he created friction in our relationship I'm not sure chris and all his friends believe in redemption or forgiveness so after that they threatened to hurt my Entiire family but afterwards I forgave theem and by the grace of God we made peace with them so pray that they could possibly grow during this time and to not be so upset with our family And then pray for 2 other brothers named rexen and dorrington because I supported both of them during there Times of addiction but both of them I feel like left me and stopped contacting Me So pray I can deal with those Feelings And pray if that I see them again I could get along with theem And last of all pray for dominik and paul because I gave rides and money to booth of them and helped them for a long time and both of them I feel like leeft me and stopped reaching out To Me and I didnt do anything wrong To theem so pray they could Realize that I was a good frieend and thaat if I see them that we will get Along or if by chance I talk to them on the phone that also I will get along Wiith them And pray I could get along wiith Ree Because I don't know if a chuurch could haave women pastors but he thinks they could so pray that we could still get Along good And We are good friends so pray that I Could still get along good with him An so I could have good perspectives about churches that do allow women Leaders because I still want to love Theem even though that i do not Agree wiith theem Thank you